For Ages 8+

For Ages 8+

  • Would you want to introduce your children to traditions of India?
  • Have you been thinking that your children have been losing touch with their Indian roots?
  • Are you looking for something contemporary and relatable to introduce Indian myths to your children?

How Sanskriti box helps introduce children to the Indian culture?

How Sanskriti box helps introduce children to the Indian culture?

Here is a glimpse of what we have for your child

  • An illustrated retelling of the Ramayana: Prince Rama, Prince Lakshman and Princess Sita were exiled from Ayodhaya. During their exile, Princess Sita was kidnapped by the Lankan King Ravana. It is said that Rama travelled more than 2000 km in search of Sita and fought the mighty King Ravan in a twelve day war to win back Sita.

    This particular retelling focuses on the flora-fauna and the many creatures of the forest that Sita, Rama and Lakshmana lived in during their exile.

    It is an extremely pleasant read with beautiful illustrations with moderate vocabulary.

  • Critically acclaimed Graphic Novel about reconnecting with your roots: A young teenager in USA has only her mother’s stories and a shawl to help her connect with her Indian roots. She decides to fly to India with her own money and find out if it really is her homeland.

    A beautifully illustrated novel which showcases the power of our choices and the strength of the Mother Goddesses, and throughout the novel you meet people who have made those choices and changed their lives.

  • Lord Hanuman is possibly India’s most amazing God and also leads the Indian pantheon of modern and contemporary Superhero figures in the country. But how many of you are aware of His origin story? How many of you can tell the name of the Lord Hanuman’s Mother?

    Also includes are Roar Out Loud Features. Do you know about Hanuman Syndrome? Would you want to know about the media spectacles based on stories of Lord Hanuman, and where can you find them?

  • The Mother Goddess Durga is the Adi-Shakti and the source of creation of the Universe.

    The Roar Out Loud Editorial Poster talks about the Legend of the Goddess and how she defeated the demon Mahishasura. The complete Durga Saptashati has been summarised for easy reading for children and also includes precious nuggets of wisdom from the story.

    Learn from the poster about how Goddess Durga helps find inner peace by erasing all thoughts of worry from your mind.

  • Roar Out Loud’s StoryGuide provides readers with a summary and talking points from the books. Go through the books and talk to your children about what they have understood and learned from the books.

  • Roar Out Loud’s Wordlists are very handy when comes to difficult words and you are engrossed in a book and would not want to spend any time away from it opening a dictionary.

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